The Shutdown of Crystal Palace Casino

The Crystal Palace Casino is currently closed. The resort shut its doors, and although the official terminology is renovations, the resort will not be available to the public for the foreseeable future. The Hotel and Casino will be used as a training facility for Baha Mar employees. The region will henceforth be serviced, in terms of high class luxury hotel and casino complex by the neighbouring $3.5-billion Baha Mar development. The beachfront resort known as Crystal Palace Casino first opened as a gaming venue in 1983, when it was known as the Cable Beach Casino. The resort only became the Crystal Palace Casino 1988 after Carnival Cruise Lines bought out Cable Beach Casinos.

The present Crystal Palace staff and casino team will be moving to the new complex, Baha Mar, the casino that is on the verge of being the largest casino in the Caribbean.

The Beautiful Caribbean Area

Crystal Palace Casino is to be found on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Surrounded by beautiful views, with access to an international airport and conveniently close to the best shopping and tourist attractions in downtown Nassau. Many restaurants and interesting bars are available to Crystal Palace Casino visitors, as are links to public transport and markets.

The History of the Casino

Crystal Palace Casino was last renovated in 2007. The facility offered all the facilities and amenities expected of a top class resort with nightclubs, an auditorium, a casino and a games room. Restaurants and conference facilities as well as parking space was also available.

The Crystal Palace Casino was blessed with an ocean-front pool. This was a well-developed facility with a series of additions such as a spiral waterslide, a swim-up pool bar and a private swimming lagoon. A hot tub, steam room, sauna in addition to massage and spa services had been added too.

Baha Mar Hotel group had purchased their property as long ago as 2005 from the Ruffin Group. They have now developed a world-class destination gaming resort in the Cable beach area that will be taking over from the Crystal Palace Casino.

The Future of the Casino

Baha Mar are very happy to have the experienced Crystal Palace Casino team. They feel that the smooth transition of knowledge, experience and know-how will be invaluable in making the new Baha Mar Casino and Hotel a success. The Baha Mar Casino intends elevating the casino experience to a new level for the industry, and will attract high roller players from all over the world.

Crystal Palace Casino has been a highly effective and long serving member of the Nassau tourism industry, and the new players in the region, Baha Mar are eager to acknowledge this contribution in an effort to entice the Crystal Palace Casino regulars. The new resort will offer extended casino facilities including private gaming salons. The amenities that Crystal Palace Casino was able to offer would now also be increased quite dramatically to include access to a golf course, nightclubs and high class dining. The area already offers a multitude of beach, diving and seaside activities and these too, will be improved and developed.